happy halloween.

SWEET. heavens. to. betsy.

This is cream cheese caramel dip with Heath bar. 
In other words, this is insanely delectable and you need to drop everything you're doing, run to the kitchen and make this IMMEDIATELY.

Victoria & I made it this weekend, and I am slightly obsessed. 
[there is an embarrassing chance that i may have eaten 2 apples when i got home from school just so i could dip them in this divine delight.]

Beat 2 8oz pkgs cream cheese, room temp til smooth and creamy. Blend in 1 16.5oz tub Marzetti's carmel dip. Stir in 2 crushed up Heath bars. Eat your heart out.

So. Good.

I am planning the master of all culinary experiments for this bad boy tomorrow night... stay tuned...

Oh, P.S. - Zooey says she's Tom Selleck for Halloween. I told her it's not as believable without the chest hair protruding from a Hawaiian shirt...


  1. yum! wish i was enjoying it w/ you! love you.

  2. for real.
    tell katie d. thanks for the recipe!!!

  3. love this dip!! jess hempel makes a version of it {her's is layered rather than all mixed together} every year for for Aunt Jan's fall party and i just want to eat the whole plate of it!!