weekly wishes: recap

Last week I wished to...

... finish grading all the college portfolios. CHECK.

... finish grading the juniors' in-class essays. CHECK.

... get the rest of Doug's birthday gift. CHECK.

... finish making one Christmas gift. CHECK. still cryptic!

... not develop a stress-induced tic. CHECK. so far.

... drop off home study forms at my doctor's office. CHECK.

... select the pieces for the auditions for our school musical. Nope. Didn't do it yet. BUT I can tell you what it is - Beauty & the Beast. Yes. YES.

ALSO - remember when I made a goal for the school year to leave the house each day before 7:05am?? Well, friends, I'm feeling pretty good about myself in this arena. Friday was the first day I left the house after 7:05am - and I left at 7:06am.

THIS week I wish to...

... grade all the freshman research papers, all the freshman in-class essays, and all my midterms. I kinda have to, because the semester ends on Friday.

... finish Christmas gifts. I kinda have to, because Christmas is on Sunday.

... go for one walk a day with Zooey. Because she's cute. And because it's the holidays, so I'm eating even more junk food than normal. Which... is just a lot.

That's it! I'm going easy on myself this week. :)

Happy Monday Tuesday! (started this post yesterday!)

Also, because I'm procrastinating on these research papers, here are some pictures from Small Group Cookie Share and College Buddy Christmas Reunion! (Not the official name of either gathering...) All pictures stolen from my friends' Facebook albums. Cheesecake pictured made by yours truly!

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