recently i'm... (15)

Cooking at this very minute: baked pasta - for a mini potluck with my girl friends Maria & Lindsay.

Missing: Doug. He's been in Florida for work this week. But he gets home tomorrow night, so there will be much rejoicing.

Baking: Thank you, Manda, for leading me to Picky Palate so I could make S'more Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yeah. Yeah. They're as good as they sound & look.
Since Doug's out of town, I also made some with Reeses peanut butter cups & marshmallows... sweet merciful wonder. Make them NOW.

Neglecting: gardening. I haven't planted a thing. I blame it on the ceaseless rain.

Rocking out: at grading! Somehow or another, I'm so on top of it these days!

Listening to: The Tragically Hip (I know, what?! Hey there, coffee girl...)

Reading: re-reading The Great Gatsby in preparation for our upcoming unit in American Lit...

Looking forward to: I can't believe I'm going to admit this on the internet... but, I'm really looking forward to our Junior/Senior Banquet, a.k.a. prom! The kids have been working really hard in preparation (the juniors throw the whole thing together for the seniors), and I love seeing everyone dressed up all fancy like!

Leaving: for the mini potluck!

P.S. It's Teacher Appreciation Week... just saying! *wink!*


  1. Mmm...those cookies. And what an idea with the peanut butter cups!!!

    I loved reading The Great Gatsby in English class.

  2. i'm reading THE GREAT GATSBY right now too!

  3. Those cookies look amazing! I can't believe you've been hiding this recipe from me. Hope your mini potluck was fun. I'm sure it was b/c it was mini!

  4. I appreciate you as a teacher AND in life! (Am I allowed to say that even though you're not technically my teacher?)

    I love that you are quite the baker :) I will have to make those cookies sometime - they look amazing!

  5. GF. I finished The Great Gatsby about a week ago!

    The cookies sound and look amazing!


  6. Ohmygoodness. Those cookies look amazing!

  7. Sherrie Staines5/16/11, 4:25 PM

    Rachel I have done brownie stuffed and just this week bought the stuff to try peanutbutter cup stuffed... I have sold DOZENS of the brownie stuffed!