sick day

I'm missing school today because I was attacked yesterday by some vicious strain of ... sickness. I even got a fever. I don't think I've had a fever since the 4th grade. But here we are, almost noon, and my temperature is back to normal. My throat is still sore & itchy & coughy, but all the fever symptoms are waning (you know - achy body, stiff neck, head feeling like it weighs a million pounds, cold sweats, etc).

So I'm taking the opportunity to post some pictures of spirit week & homecoming. The theme this year was "TV Networks" - I was skeptical at first, but it turned out great! The seniors were Cartoon Network, we juniors were Discovery Channel, sophomores were TV Land and the freshmen were A&E.

Our hallway (2nd place):

Our poster (2nd place... robbed. Robbed, I tell you.)

Our whole class on PJ day:

Me & Marisa as mad scientists for the lip sync:

Our lip sync (3rd place...):
Our beloved MythBusters get pink-slipped and have their science lab taken over by a couple of devious mad scientists.
On their journey to get back their lab, they stumble into Shark Week, where they encounter deadly, dancing sharks.
They are rescued from these vicious vixens by the Cash Cab.
Unfortunately, the Cash Cab is pulled over by the cops... or the Village People?
Thankfully, while Victor Willis & Co. the cops are dancing, the MythBusters are able to escape, and it appears they will get some help from the one & only Bear Grylls, of Man v. Wild.
However, Bear is quickly distracted by a beautiful maiden, and it appears the MythBusters are once again on their own.
But wait! In a surprising turn of events, Discovery Channel unites to help the Mythbusters win back their lab, and a glorious, albeit super blurry, group dance to Eye of the Tiger ensues!
The end.

Friday night were the homecoming basketball games (both boys & girls won!) and Saturday night was the "social". Where there was a photo booth. Which naturally, my co-workers & I crammed into for some fun. Because, honestly, we wouldn't survive spirit week without each other!

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  1. Oh my goodness, just laughed reading your Discovery Channel narrative! Too funny! I'm a total DC junkie...Bear Grylls is my hero, along with Jack Bauer. I'm pretty sure they would come and save me if I were lost in the Amazon or being threatened with a nuclear attack.

    Hope you're feeling better! Muuuah!