So, it seems a little ridiculous to follow up the post about my Grandpa with a silly before&after hair picture, but I promised a couple people I would do a blog post to unveil my haircut. We got back from New York around 3pm on Thursday, and I had a haircut at 5pm. I felt like an insane person - lying there, getting my hair washed while the rest of my family was sitting in a hospital waiting room. As Marla wrote, "when things like this happen, you walk around in a haze. wondering how the world can just go on. wondering how i can just go on. but life goes on. and i go on. but there is a lump in my throat that never fully goes away." I think more than ever, this week has taught me what it really means to "pray without ceasing" (I Thessalonians 5:17). The report on Grandpa was good this morning - it sounds like he will hopefully be off the ventilator in a day or two. Pray for continued progress!

All that being said - here is my "before" shot.
As you can see from my expression, I don't really know what's going on. I was debating chopping all my hair off. Split ends are out of control. It's a hot mess.

This is what I call my "unsure smile" - I think I like it, but it does make me look like a 12-year old. I chickened out at the very last second and decided just to chop my bangs instead. At least the split ends are gone!


  1. looks cute. i was debating full bangs... my hair cut is thursday. i'll try to remember the "before" pic. yours is very cute, although, i can't fully tell so i think i should see it in person * wink *.

    we miss you!!

  2. Cute! And it helps a lot to do normal things.

  3. Love it...you look like a younger Zooey Deschanel, which i hope you take as a compliment...b/c I love her.

    Not as much as you, though. Thinking of you as you head back to school.

  4. I love it!! If I had not-so-crazy hair I would get bangs. And I love these pictures!!