mrs. parton goes to prom, part 2

I know what you're all thinking, and the answer is no, Zooey did not go to prom "Junior Senior Banquet" with me. I did have a dream that I took her, resulting in a colossal argument with my friend Marisa (the fact that, in my dream, prom was also held at a local liquor store may have factored into that argument as well).

The junior class is responsible for organizing the prom "Junior Senior Banquet". As the junior class sponsors, Marisa and I were pretty busy with preparations, and so we were very much ready to sit back and enjoy the show. Our kids did an amazing job creating a "VIP Hollywood" theme. And, as one of my students formerly observed, I was tan for prom! In fact, I was mistaken for Donald Trump a few times.
An easy mistake, I'm sure!
Anyway, we reserved a room not at a liquor store, but at St. John's, and the prom"Junior Senior Banquet" committee decorated it beautifully...
The evening was a huge success, and I'm so thankful to this group of incredible students!
(All of the following pictures [except the last one] are stolen from my small group girls' Facebook albums!)
And, of course, to my fabulous co-workers, who are so supportive - even to the point that they were willing to bake cupcakes for 100 people (long story short, we had a budget surplus and were saved from that confectionary undertaking)!
A fun group of lovely young ladies - some of the girls in my small group (you may recognize some of them from their pose with The Trump earlier).
A picture that more accurately represents our group shenanigans...

And finally, my partner in crime, Marisa. Jr/Sr is over, and we only have 3 more weeks of bagels!


  1. I love your dress!!! & while I would never want to relive my proms, I wouldn't mind "chaperoning!" What fun!

  2. I second Amy's "I love your dress" comment!

  3. You look lovely! And hello... prom at St. Johns!? Putting on the Ritz baby!!!

  4. You looked fabulous. I loved chaperoning prom...glad you had fun, Mrs. Parton! :)