I love it when a snow day is announced a day in advance. Especially when Doug gets a snow day too!
Woke up this morning to about a foot of snow. Doug did some shoveling, while Zooey paced around, traumatized because she could hear Doug shoveling but she couldn't see him.
I did some sewing.
I made grilled cheese for lunch.
We watched Law & Order marathons (courtesy of Netflix!) and cuddled and laughed at Zooey...
Had taco dinner and watched some Burn Notice and laughed at Zooey some more.
I LOVE snow days.

Here are some other dresses that I made the other day...
my favorite so far:
Is that not the cutest pocket you've ever seen?! Look even more closely - it's even cuter close up.
See? Adorable. Adorable! ... if I may say so myself. And I may. Because it is.


  1. such cute little dresses!

  2. Wow, Rachel! Did you have a pattern for those dresses? They are so cute. I wish you lived closer by; I could use a sewing buddy for motivation and inspiration. Happy belated V-day!