you, me, sushi?

Friday night we decided to do a night of Team Snarton Sushi. Diversion: I developed the name "Team Snarton" a couple years ago when Patti and I were partnered while working at CDC's Restoration Warehouse. This was back in the day when I was still nervous about being funny enough or clever enough because I wanted Patti to like me! (Hello, awkward junior high self - nice to see you poke your awkward head in my life still...)

Anyway! Friday night we headed over to Umi Sushi in Ann Arbor.

[7] [8]

[1] Fun restaurant decor!
[2] anything?
[4] Hm, I can't pick up my water...
[5] But I can "pick up" Doug! (Hey baby. You, me, sushi?)
[6] Mmm. My favorite is still California rolls...
[7] The Snyders of Team Snarton!
[8] The Partons of Team Snarton!


  1. you crack me up. i want to try "real" sushi sometime. i've only had a sample at Tops, and it tasted like something i immediately needed to spit out.

  2. oh -- i don't want to alarm Jenna B. and let her know that your mother is a blog-stalker (even tho' I am)... however, somehow you have to convey to her how ADORABLE those little kids with the red curls are... thx

  3. Loving the bangs. So classic.

  4. Reading this makes me crave sushi. let's go again this weekend