master p

I just need to brag a little bit.
As of this past Tuesday, my incredible husband is DONE with his Masters!

We had an impromptu get together with a couple friends that night to celebrate, and I made this cake...
We were cracking up because I used some of the leftover raspberry filling to color the piped frosting, which made it look like it was a cake announcing a baby girl. Which it isn't, just to clarify.

Doug - I am so proud of you! All your hard work has paid off, and now you can take random seminary classes like you've been wanting to. Haha. I love you!


  1. Yay! Congrats to Master P. The baby girl... ;] Sorry! I had to.

  2. YES and move to Chicago so they can be nerdy together!

  3. Master P...sounds like a rapper.

  4. mom... was that you? because master p IS a rapper.

  5. Do you think Mizzuz Mom sounds like a rapper? Because I'm going to go with that.