2013: year in review

This is a little late. 
Our house was stricken by a pretty nasty virus shortly after Christmas, 
so that's the excuse I'm going with. 
Here's a brief glimpse of some 2013 highlights in the Parton family. 

January 2013
- Celebrated the new year with my family in WNY
- Dad finished chemotherapy and radiation
- I turned 28. Doug & I went to Roast for my birthday.

February 2013
- Started and shortly thereafter stopped an intense burst of Insanity
- Went home to visit my Pops.
- Took a trip to Chicago to meet Mayes Fraol!

March 2013
- 6 months as a family of 3
- Celebrated St. Patrick's Day with the Kings
- Doug got a job in New York
- Bo started walking
- I broke my right foot running down the stairs.
- We celebrated Easter with Doug's family

April 2013
- We announced to family and friends that we were moving to NY.
- Doug resigned from his job of 6 and a half years.
- Robert & Bailey got engaged!
- Bo & I went to our first Opening Day tailgate for the Tigers.
- Doug started training in Detroit for his new job.
- We put our house on the market.
- Three days later, our church had their Women's Outreach, raising over $10K for orphans in Africa.
- The next day, we accepted an offer on our house.
- The next day, we moved to New York where we lived with my grandma.
- The next day, Doug started his new job.
- Dad was declared cancer free!

May 2013
- Celebrated my first Mother's Day.
- Went to Emily's graduation from SUNY Cobleskill.
- Doug & I left Bo overnight for the first time... to go back to MI to get the rest of our stuff.
- We went and looked at what would become our house.
- Enjoyed several bonfires and evenings at the pond.

June 2013
- Made an offer on a house and the buyers accepted!
- Bo got his first haircut.
- Ethan moved to Texas.
- Celebrated Doug's first Father's Day.
- Sprained my left ankle falling into a crawl space.
- Took a [business] family trip to Boston where I had a reunion with little friend Megan!

July 2013
- Celebrated the 4th of July at the Bannister-Nesbitt reunion.
- Celebrated 6 years of marriage!
- Took our second annual trip to the ADKs with the Gerhardts.
- Went to every.single.night of the county fair for the first time in years.
- Had a bridal shower for Bailey.

August 2013
- Moved into our new house!
- Visited Michigan for the Stickls' bachelor[ette] party
- Celebrated Jayne's 16th birthday
- Enjoyed several bonfires in our backyard

September 2013
- Celebrated one year as a family of three!
- Went to my second Bills' game.
- Celebrated Robert & Bailey's wedding!
- Celebrated Bonsa's 2nd birthday!
- Celebrated Troy & Maria's wedding!

October 2013
- Took a family vacation to the Adirondacks, where I climbed my first high peak.
- Made cookies with Bo for the first time.
- Flew to St. Louis for a business conference.
- "Helped" press cider with the Farwell/Dudley clan.
- Bonsa was "Little Lion Man" for Halloween.

November 2013
- Zach, Michele, Sam & Doug's mom came to visit. This is a picture of our breakfast.
- Celebrated Kade's first birthday
- Went to California with my family.
- Celebrated Thanksgiving the day after we got home with my parents and sisters.

December 2013
- Helped my father make his delectable truffles.
- Went to Michigan for Parton Christmas & got to visit several friends.
- Celebrated Christmas at our house & my parents', with Zach, Michele & Sam visiting.

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