ADK 2013

Heads up: lots of pictures from our awesome trip to the Adirondacks.
What an amazing time.

1:: the squintiest picture known to mankind
2:: follow the leader
3:: less than 2 minutes at the house, and the boys are already trying to escape
4:: hmm, the gate is locked... maybe there's a gap elsewhere...
5:: these two buddies bonded quite a bit over the week
6:: beautiful mirror lake
7:: a contemplative colden observes the ducks
8:: views like this will just never get old for me
9:: someone's in the zone. the i-need-a-nap zone.
10:: so many daddy-son snuggles on this trip. i can't get enough.
11:: 3 little boys. 1 picture. nearly impossible.
12:: is this real life?!
13:: goons.
14:: doesn't mess around when it comes to filling up the pool.
15:: our backyard. not too bad, babies.
16:: essence of summer.
17:: this.
18:: get it.
19:: family walk
20:: then there's this kid. melt.
21:: sons on shoulders
22:: lovely
23:: enjoying the river
24:: sadly, bo did not enjoy the river.
25:: truly. 
(he loves his baths and loves my parents' pond - lakes & rivers?! not so much.)
26:: aftermath... 
27:: how could we?
28:: on the other hand, colden is a fish.
29:: bo preferred throwing rocks into the water.
30:: the profile. the chub. astounding.
31:: v & bo finding a nice stick to throw
32:: i mean, really? REALLY?!
33:: lots of this awesomeness.
34:: and quite a few timeouts too. rarely taken seriously...
35:: couldn't have posed this if i tried...
36:: what a little bug.
37:: kid could just explore forever, i think.
38:: owls head summit
39:: first family mountain hike!
40:: is there anything better than throwing rocks with your dad?
41:: taking a little break from the chilly water
42:: at the flumes
43:: hiking around the flumes
44:: my loves.
45:: splashes.
46:: can not get over sweet kade. such a good baby!
47:: view from the front porch...
48:: partners in crime. love this girl so dearly.
49:: our home for the week.
50:: let's go back.

A truly wonderful week.


  1. I LOVE ALL of these pictures! Also, looks like a great time!

  2. awesome pictures! looks like you had a great time, and tell Bo to stop growing up so much! :)

    1. I know right?! I think that every time I see a picture of C too.

  3. Awesome photos! What a beautiful place! :)

    1. Thank you for all the photos. I love you sooooo much and miss you soooooo much! It is so nice to see you having a wonderful time.

    2. Thanks Dana! It is wonderful.

  4. & thanks mom! We miss you too and are excited to hopefully see you in August!

  5. can not even get over the three boys in the chairs - too sweet!! and love the family photo on the mountain. everything looked so lovely & wonderful. gotta love those ADKS!