opening day

Friday was the home opener for Tigers' baseball.
It was the first time that both Bo and I have gone downtown for the event.

Doug left with Troy & Maria at 7am to help set everything up.
Then Bo & I headed down around 10am to join our CHV neighbors for tailgating.
However, as Doug hopped in the car to help me find parking, Bo threw up.
I think it was the combination of milk & heat. Poor guy.

So we pulled over, wiped him off and stripped him down. 
We decided that I should take him home, 
but still decided to take pictures of his first Detroit opening day experience.
I would say that Bo was the only Tiger fan wearing nothing but a diaper and blanket...
but after seeing all the crazy drunkenness... I'm just not too sure.

When I got home, this was happening in the back seat. 
(I promise he's wearing a diaper.)
After Bo took got some food in him and took a nap,
I decided that it was just too beautiful outside not to try one more time.
So we hopped back in the car and drove back to Detroit.
The littlest tailgater.
Happily, the Tigers defeated the Yankees 8-3.
And for all of you wondering, 
we will be rocking these Detroit hats in New York.
Tigers fans for life!

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