happy easter

Our Easter morning started off with an Easter basket hunt.
The Easter Bunny hid Bo's basket under the kitchen table, 
because Bo has been fascinated with crawling under the chairs and table recently.
Bo spotted the basket after he finished his bottle and crawled over to investigate...
... and immediately backed out and crawled away.
So, Dad gave him a little encouragement.
Bo was still not interested, until Doug pulled the basket out and he realized there were BOOKS.
He wanted nothing to do with the little toys in his basket,
so Daddy read to Bo while Mommy made breakfast.
I remarked to Doug that sweet rolls have unintentionally become our Easter morning tradition. 
They're fun and fast and give us plenty of time to get ready for church!
And did I mention delicious? Even Bo was allowed to indulge.
After breakfast, we got dressed in our Easter finest & headed to church!
After church, Bo got to napping and I got to cooking.
Our Easter menu this year:
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Carrots
Sweet Potato Mounds
I didn't get a picture of the spread, 
but I did take a picture of my last minute centerpiece & place cards...
Some of us were less than helpful in dinner preparations... 
And finally, dessert. My nephew's birthday is today, so we celebrated yesterday.
I made French vanilla and lemon cake with citrus cream cheese frosting.
My favorite part of this picture... ZOOEY, ever lurking. 
In case you were wondering about the strange combination of "French vanilla and lemon cake"... 
I made 2 layers of French vanilla cake on Saturday.
And someone decided to sneak into the kitchen while the humans were upstairs

So, improvisation. 
Despite the dog's best attempts, the cake was delicious
and we had a wonderful Easter with good food & family!


  1. So Zooey lying comfortably in a sun spot is, in fact, helpful. Otherwise she might be helping herself to another course.

  2. a few things:
    1. we have an almost identical milk pail in our dining room. 2. we have a tablecloth the SAME fabric as that place mat under the sweet rolls. 3. why is Bo's outfit so painfully adorable? 4. 1&2 are evidence we would be friends in real life :) thanks for sharing your Easter!

    1. ha awesome! i always love the patterned tablecloths/napkins at target!!

  3. The Zoomaster.

  4. Barnyard Dance!! James' favorite.

    1. Bo also loves it. We actually got him "Barnyard Bath" - a bath book! It comes with a little washcloth too! :)