recently i'm...

My boy finally says "Mama" upon request

to the pond multiple times a day
In Awe Of: 
God's extravagance in our moving process - 
our house appraised for the exact amount of the offer we accepted!

Bo's little lips trying to blow dandelions. 
Dirty hands and feet from summertime fun. Weekend bonfires. 
Swooning Over: 
My reception upon returning from packing up our house in Michigan -
Bo laughing and smooching me over & over again.

Ordered Khaled Housseini's newest book And the Mountains Echoed
I like his other two better, but his writing never fails to tear at my heart.
Showers for my future sisterS-in-law! 

Casually Looking:
For a new house. We close on our house in Michigan on Tuesday.
Still feels surreal.
Frustrated By:
Bo is at a stage where he likes throwing tantrums.
Screaming and biting. Help please.

Doug is on a "man trip" to the Adirondacks this weekend.
We're all ready for him to come back.


  1. Yay for Bo giving his MAMA lots of lovin'!
    Tantrums are no fun, but you handle them great. Just be consistent... O the joys of motherhood.

  2. Oh! Mama really melts the heart at a whole other level than mommy for some reason! Also, Aubrey is also into attempting to blow dandellions....precious. And I think I need to read this book. Loved his other two!