Our Christmas season started Saturday after Thanksgiving,
going over to County House Road to get our Christmas tree!
What's Christmas tree hunting without festive snacks?!
Bo was happy to see Dudley at County House Christmas Trees...
so happy he tried to share his hat.
 Serious search for the perfect tree.
 Jim helps Bo peek at the snowmobiles.
 Bo's Charlie Brown tree...
 Beast mode Em, carrying our tree to the car.
 We forgot to get a picture while our tree was still standing. Oops.
 Whatever Doug does, Bo must also do.
 Lights in windows. Forever my favorite Christmas decor.
 Love our house.
Admiring the lights on the tree.
Love having holly berry on our property.
Little touches of holiday cheer.
Early morning snow angels with my little snow angel.
Warming up by the fire.
I wish this picture had sound effects - the slurping noises are out of control.
A very Perhardt Christmas celebration.
Getting holly & jolly with some of our favorites.
Christmas Puppy Chow.
'Tis the season for Excelsior Chocolates!! 
I'm hoping to do a post solely about these exquisite treats.
Getting ready for snowy fun: "Help Daddy shovel."
A cute pic, interrupted by an over-eager beast.
My boys playing in the snow. Bo still laughs about "snow daddy head", 
which is happening in this picture.
Excited for some Christmas cookies.
I told Bo to stir the "M's" in, and this is what happened.

The weekend before Christmas, we went to Michigan to celebrate with the Partons.
We got to see several friends, and Bo was reunited with lots of little buddies.

Musical activities with Caleb.
Jungle Java with the Van Winks!!
Love the work that God is using these sweet friends for, but hate how far away they are.
Sidenote: I did not notice until I saw this picture up close... 
apparently my son is wearing a midriff-baring shirt...
Best holiday smell? Quite possibly. 
We got a little snow.
Christmas mantle + laziest dog.
'Twas the Eve of Christmas...
Trying to enjoy a Christmas tradition... but it went... much like last year.
Except we didn't even make it through the book this year.
Bo was sick, and only wanted to read his Christmas Carol book.
Ah. Maybe next year.
This year, Bo quickly understood that there was STUFF in his stocking.
AND, Santa brought Bo a "tar". 
We went to my parents' for Christmas dinner.
Poor Bo wasn't feeling well, and needed some quiet Daddy time.
Mom's annual Christmas "schedule".
Zach, Michele & Sam came for Christmas and we enjoyed a nice visit with them.
They asked me to take some maternity pics of their family. 
I spy PeeWee.

We wrapped up the Christmas season with Bannister Christmas on New Year's Eve.
(could I include any more holidays in that last sentence?!)

And that was Christmas 2013!


  1. Love the house decorations Rach!

  2. Bo's Charlie Brown tree is so cute! And your house looks so festive & lovely!!

    1. Ha - we were cracking up. It was actually just the end of the tree that they cut off but he insisted on carrying it around. :P

  3. I've got to know where those donuts are from!?

    Sincerely, Baby Bannister (not Bailey)

    1. Dear Baby Bannister (not Bailey):
      Tim Hortons for the win! :) I think they'll have V-day ones soon!
      Aunt Rachel