life lately

A catch-all post for our friends in Michigan... 
(Sorry I've been horrible at updating)

Loving his new job. 
He's able to utilize the "organizational development" side of his brain a lot more at this job... 
whatever that really means. He also gets to work with a lot more men. 
He even went to a baseball game the other night with a new work friend! 
Still working part time for the same company. 
Officially resigned from my position as webmaster for the school I taught at!
I found a babysitter for Bo for the month of June which allows me to work more regular hours 
(thanks, Martha!)... and I'm already bemoaning losing her when she goes back to South Dakota. 
Has been rather a handful recently. Lots of tantrums and screaming. 
I'm not a very patient person, so I'm praying that God will just bless me abundantly in that arena.
 Toddler frustrations aside, there are also so many moments that he just takes my breath away. 
Bo is pretty affectionate, and loves "kissing" and "hugging" - 
especially stuffed animals, books, and... other babies. 
We picked him up from nursery after church one Sunday, 
and the nursery worker said, "He's a little lover!" Yes... yes, he is. 
Who even knows. I think she's probably bipolar.
Depressed because she doesn't see us nearly enough for her liking (she's at my parents'),
and manic because she gets to roam the farm to her heart's content.
We are attending Grace Road in Rochester, and we love it!
We're looking forward to getting involved in a small group this fall.
We're buying one! Woo hoo! 
It's in Brockport, which is about a half hour from my parents.
More details to come as we get closer to closing - fingers crossed, July 30th!
What else...?
Not too much "big news" (besides the house, I guess),
but I am just loving being able to walk to the pond... when it's not raining every single day, that is.
I love being able to call my mom mid-afternoon and throw together an impromptu dinner.
We've already been to three family parties.
I went to the zoo twice, with 3 of my cousins and their kiddos.
I've visited with my best friend from high school. 
I can bake cookies and run them over to my parents' house just for the heck of it.
So many wonderful family times already.
These are the things that I focus on, because the transition has actually been pretty hard for me.
I miss my small group and friends so much. 
Doug is working longer hours, so I feel like my evenings with him are substantially shortened.
And while we LOVE living with Grandma and are so, so grateful for her hospitality,
we do miss being in a space of our own. 
But God is so good, and we are blessed so abundantly.


  1. So... I have some friends that go to Grace Road. Message me and I'll give you more details! :) I've heard great things about that church and feel like I want to check it out sometime, too!

    Oh toddler tantrums... I can only imagine. I'm also a bit nervous at the thought of finding out my patience level. I'm guessing it's not as high as I would like to think it is!

    Congrats on the house! I hope the closing is uneventful and goes as planned. Brockport is super cute... and um, Ralph and Rosie's... need I say more?!

    1. You guys should definitely check out Grace Road! It's awesome. Yes, I wish I had started praying for myself as a parent a lot sooner.
      Isn't Ralph & Rosie's in Bergen? Or is there something wonderful that I don't know?!

    2. hm... you may be right. maybe i thought it was in brockport because we pick up pizza there on our *way* to the beach in brockport. (my friends generally avoid getting in a car with me unless i am equipped with a gps.) ;)

  2. i think moves can be hardest on moms, esp if that are at home.
    keep doing all the good attachment stuff - change is rough on them.
    i love hearing an update!

    1. thanks for the encouragement, sybille!
      glad that you had some quality time with ross.
      hope you are all doing well!!

  3. p.s. ross was just home for a few days and asked how your family was doing ;O)

  4. Sounds like everything is falling into place! :) Zooey. . .bipolar! haha

  5. Brockport? No more delay on the play dates...practically neighbors!

  6. a. we need another play date (aka 'shack' date)... asap!
    b. we need to pick berries and plan the berry babes reunion... pronto!
    c. I need to see you more... (at least) weekly!

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  8. We miss you, too. :(

    1. Oh sweet community group... We miss you guys a lot! :(
      Next community group is at our house after we close. :P