parton peaks

This past weekend we took a family trip to the Adirondacks.
We had absolutely perfect weather and enjoyed some good family time.

[1] Hm. I think this is Cranberry Lake.
[2] Cranberry Lake? Someone confirm or deny.
[3] And again.
[4] Here we come!!!
[5] Cute purple flowers/weeds ... and bee ... in Tupper Lake.
(Sidenote: these are one of my favorite parts about fall. I love how they're all over the sides of roads!)
[6] We stopped at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Probably has a more official name than that.
 [7] We had a blast exploring & watching Bo explore.
[8] The facility was beautiful, and it was a gorgeous afternoon to walk their trails.
 [9] Awesome walkways over the pond.
 [10] I can never get enough pictures of my boys having fun together.
[11] Always looking to steal a quick smooch. 
 [12] "A-Bo" - what he says when he sees his shadow.
 [13] "Fro" - what he says as he winds up to inevitably throw an object.
 [14] Laughing after pushing over a log with daddy.
 [15] Peek!
[16] Amazing underside of an upturned tree.
 [17] Favorite picture of the moment.
 [18] Driving from Tupper Lake to Keene Valley.
 [19] Early morning outside South Meadow Farm Lodge. We loved staying at this place!
The peak to the right is Cascade, which we climbed.
[20] Ready to go!
[21] Beginning of the trail.
[22] About 10 minutes in. At which point I was already wondering what I'd gotten myself into.
And realizing how sadly out of shape I am.
[23] Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to hike!
[24] A little break prompted by Bo's favorite phrase: "I pooped."
Most of the time it's a false alarm, but we're not taking any chances.
[25] Loading back up.
[26] "Close" to the summit.  
[27] Yeah, Doug really carried Bo up and down a mountain.
Sidenote: Doug goes back next weekend for "Man Trip" - they'll hike at least 3 high peaks, 
which makes my legs cramp up just thinking about it.
[28] Aaaaalmost there.
[29] This picture looks like Doug is standing on the very edge of the mountain.
But we all know if that were true, I would be passed out on the ground instead of taking a picture.
[30] We did it! Our first family high peak!
[31] "1" - first high peak.
[32] "11" - Doug's eleventh high peak.
[33] Meet "Cassie" the otter (named after the mountain, Cascade).
Bo got her as a little treat at the Wild Center, and she was a trooper on our hike...
despite being thrown to the ground during a few tantrums, she made it to the top.
[34] Mountain top Bo.
[35] Checking out the landscape.
[36] Speaking of which...
[37] Gorgeous view from Cascade. I believe that's Mirror Lake in Lake Placid.
EDIT: Not Mirror Lake. Round Lake.
[38] Beautiful. (Lots of hikers while we were there!)
[39] Oh, just a little mountaintop rock jumping.
[40] Aaand, approximately 5 minutes into our descent:
[41] Driving along 73 on our way home.
[42] Little peak in the middle is Owl's Head, which we climbed this past summer (not a high peak).
Doug: "I'm so proud that you can identify Owl's Head." 
[43] Cute old barn in Marcy Field (?)
EDIT: NOT Marcy Field. NEAR Marcy Field.
[44] I'd say we missed peak fall colors by maybe a couple weeks,
but it was still breathtakingly beautiful.
 [45] Another shot of Cascade from our lodge.

A wonderful weekend with my favorite boys!
Looking forward to our next trip already.


  1. Gorgeous photos! #1 - Bo's smile in that laugh pic!! #2 Go Doug! :)

    1. Thanks, Dana! I adore that picture as well. :)

  2. Your pics are amazing! What camera do you own?
    Love Bo's lil face:)

    1. Thanks, Karen. I have a Nikon D40.

    2. Did you edit these? The colors are unreal! I'm looking/wanting to invest in a good camera...

      Bailey B :)

    3. Bay - I usually do a little editing in iPhoto. Mostly it's to get rid of the little marks from scratches on my lens (if you look at the b&w pic of Bo, upper RH corner, I forgot to do it). But sometimes I bring up the saturation a little bit too.
      I don't really know much about cameras... I prefer Nikon simply because that's what I'm used to. Although, I think my dad has had issues with his Canon. Anyway - I really think you should get one! And start a blog with ranch photos. ;)

  3. Cathy Troutman10/15/13, 1:14 PM

    You all look so very happy and your pictures make me smile for you. What a great place to raise that little boy.

  4. Bo with antlers....love that picture!

  5. ok, that picture of Bo with the antlers is the best ever! sigh - love me those adks! (sorry for the very delayed comment. I'm obviously on a commenting rampage...I'm putting off my trip to the grocery store with the excuse that I need to be commenting on every one of your posts this vey second!)

    1. ha! i just randomly checked "comments" on the blogger interface or whatever it's called - and saw a ton from you. i love it. :)