the bills make me wanna... shout.

This past Sunday, my dad treated my sisters & me and took us to the Bills' season opener!

Dad & I, getting pumped for the game:
This was my 2nd Bills game. 
The last game I went to, the Bills were beat the much-hated Dallas Cowboys... 10-7...
And the stadium was still called "Rich Stadium"...
... And my favorite player, Bruce Smith, was still playing. 
Soooo yeah - it had been awhile.
It was a beautiful afternoon with amazing company.
And pretty decent seats - thanks, Dad!
And although the outcome of the game made us do this:
We still had an awesome time together.
And we're foolishly cautiously optimistic about the Bills this year... 
Although other terms, such as "in denial" or "perpetually masochistic" are also applicable.

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