Bann Clan in Cali: Day 1

Fri. Nov 22nd: We left our house at 4:00am to fly to California. 
Bo did quite well on the flights, considering that he's a 2-year old!
Welcome to San Diego.
Hello, Pacific.
La Jolla (or as we called it all week, "La Holllaaaa")
There are a lot more pictures like this.
Bo, taking in the Pacific.
And the sand.
Jayne, strolling along the beach.
My beach boys.
Tiny toes in the Pacific for the first time.
Boys wading in...
While my crazy brother & sister ran in, fully clothed.
Pacific cowboy... sopping wet.
Lovebirds. So thankful for my parents and grateful that they spoiled us with this trip.
Standing on the beach, looking away from the ocean.
Pretty crazy to think that almost a year ago, this guy was starting chemo & radiation.
Here he is, dipping his toes in the Pacific Ocean. So, so thankful.
Bo splashing with Aunt Emmy and Uncle Ethan. 
Considering how much he hated the cold water in the Adirondacks, 
I was sure he would hate the ocean. Kid LOVED it.
My main squeeze.
Soaking it up.
You may have been asking, "Where is Jayne in all of this??"
Right here, folks:
Love this picture of Em.
At some point, we got rid of the pants.
This face may look angry, but I promise he's having fun. Also, check out the rainbow.
After splashing to our hearts' content, we drove up to Torrey Pines.
Do people ever get sick of looking at the ocean?
Dad points out how high we actually are...
Pretty darn.
And in case you couldn't tell...
We found a few cacti. I kind of hate that word. I just want to say "cactuses".
GOOD NEWS. I just Googled "cactuses" and Google says it is acceptable.
I mean, I suppose it's pretty.
We decided to climb down to the beach.
And Emily decided to go out on a dangerous peak.
I chose a safer ledge.
Mumsy, descending some of the stairs along the way.
Said stairs.
Beach silhouettes.
Tiny toe prints.
Doug helping Bo say "Bye, ocean" for the night.
Dad watching the sunset.
Is this real life?
The first sunset.

Day 2 adventures to come...


  1. I just totally cracked up at your "cacti" rant! I so hate the word too!!! Glad to know the googs agree with our kind. My name is Brittany by the way! I'm a follower who absolutely adores every snapshot into your life and watching your sweet little Bo grow. I have to admit that when reading the adoption story, I was up late and crying along.

    So thankful to have found your blog (i think i stumbled upon it from The Merrythought) and so thankful to have found such beautiful families striving to serve our Savior each day at a time.

    Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!


    1. Wow, thanks Brittany! We have definitely been blessed by Bo - so humbled and grateful to hear that he is blessing others as well. :)

  2. ah - those gorgeous Cali beaches, can't get enough! i want to walk on them everyday. and such an incredible blessing for you all to have this trip with your dad - so thankful for his health! next time let's be sure to be on the same flight. ;)

  3. #38 though..... and that hottie in 22?! hehe