first haircut

June 6th was Bonsa's first haircut.
I asked the Mocha Mamas for barbershop suggestions, 
and the resounding response was "Sherrod at Stonewood Barbershop".
He. was. AMAZING.

 I warned Sherrod that Bo had some stranger danger and "impressive vocal chords".
Bo did a little screaming when we first put him in the chair, 
and Sherrod said, "Oh, you weren't kidding."
Sorry, Sherrod.
But a bottle and a little phone slideshow of pictures of himself,
and Bo was ready to go! 
He did SO well and Sherrod was awesome with him.
Although, he wasn't a huge fan of the spray moisturizer!
(Or the apron, which I tried to convince him was a big bib.)
He started to warm up about halfway through the cut. 
By the end, he was ready to fist bump Sherrod for doing an awesome job.
We were so happy with our experience, 
and Bo obviously loves looking at himself with the new 'do. 
Another mommy milestone down!
Thanks for a great experience, Sherrod!
If you're looking for a barber in Rochester, we can't recommend him highly enough!


  1. Yay!!! So happy you had such a great experience!! Bo is adorable with his new do'. Love that you are a part of the Mocha Mamas now :)

  2. Aww! This was the best! :) He looks so handsome.