Best of: Canton, MI

Here are some superlatives from our past 3 years of living in Canton.
("Best of" from our 3 years in Plymouth here.)


Best Ice Cream
This one is still Dairy King in Plymouth, MI. Sorry, Canton.
I guess if I'm forced to choose one in Canton, I'd go with DQ.

Best Japanese Food: 

Best Chinese Food: 
Best dish: chicken fried rice

Best Breadsticks:

Best Restaurant That Isn't A Chain: 
Ummmm... is there one?! 
Just kidding. I guess I'd go with Szechuan

Best "Coffee House": 
My go-to is Starbucks in either Kroger or Target. 
Village Coffeehouse opened in CHV, but I've only been twice.
Sorry, local businesses.

Best Pizza: 
Jet's buffalo chicken or Fat Chef's pepperoni

Best Subs: 
Penn Station... also in Plymouth. Sorry again, Canton.
Best sub: Philly cheesesteak with banana peppers


Best Haircut: 
Aimee Whipple!

Best Eyebrow Wax: 

Best Nail Salon: 
"PCA Nails" - it's right next to PCA and I never remember the real name.

Best Swedish Furniture Store: 


Best Place For A Walk:
trails on Michigan Ave & Morton-Taylor

Best Place To Get In Touch With Your Inner Athlete:
Arctic Edge ice rink.
I've heard Sky Zone is pretty amazing, but I've never been... 


Best Resident Professional Athlete
Apparently a Green Bay Packer lives in our neighborhood?

Best Place To Get Scolded
For Walking On The Wrong Side Of The Sidewalk

Best First House
590 Roosevelt Street

Best Community Group
We will miss you guys so much!


  1. praying for you this week -- so happy the weather is cooperating for you!

  2. ugh. i guess i spoke too soon. today was dress rehearsal for the spring musical. i peeked my head in and was happy you are home with your boy this month and not losing your mind with a bunch of teenagers. ;o)

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