gnome gname

After much deliberation between the judges (i.e. I read the names to Doug without telling him who had submitted which name and he picked the one that I was favoring), we have come to a conclusion.

And the winner is... 

Mibbiwinkle the Mill Street Gnome! 

Congrats to Marla for coming up with the winner!

Runners Up:
Emily/Mom with "Johnnybell Tubbywunkle"
Manda with "Finwinkle" 

Obviously, the "winkle/wunkle" part was a hot seller.

Hooray for my first blog contest. The next one will be way more exciting.

In other news, I have to share a hilarious story about my pious husband.

Last night, well, probably between 2 and 4 this morning, I was awoken by some major jostling in the bed. I realized that Doug was sitting straight up, and before I could ask him what he was doing, I heard the following: "Dear Lord, please help us to show your love to others and live for you. And please give us a safe trip home." Then Doug plopped back down. I mumbled, "Did you just pray?" to which he replied, "Huh?" He had been fast asleep!! That's right - my husband even prays in his sleep! My only question is where he was coming home from... 


  1. seriously? this post has only received one comment and it wasn't even about the sleeper's prayer?! am i the only one who laughed till i cried? what a great, great story. i love sleep talking/event stories. this one is definitely in the top 5.
    ahh...so great. still wiping away the tears. (i couldn't even read it to mike, he had to come read it for himself).