4th Photos...

Finally! Updating with some photos amidst the craziness that has become my life. 
For those of you not related or not in attendance, the Bannister family donned matching shirts this year in honor of Gram's 90th birthday. Cousin Justin designed them - the front said "I got my _____ from my Mom/Grandma/Great Grandma," and each wearer filled in what he/she got from the inimitable Doris. It was rather humorous to see what each relative had written!

It was awesome to see all the youngsters in attendance - the baby boom has hit our family full force!

Little Amelia sports an adorable outfit made by her grandma.

Mike & Lincoln have some father-son time...

But then it's back to business for Lincoln.

Apparently Aaron doesn't like to be interrupted while eating ice cream. That's the Bannister in him...

Charlie's not sure whether he wants to put that Spiderman vest to work in the water or with that dump truck that cousin Lincoln has...

Even while napping, Malacai likes to keep a few beverages nearby. Not sure whether this was before or after Lyndsay offered to change Cai's diaper, took one look and exclaimed, "MANDA! I can't do this."

That's what dads are for. 

Mia & Aaron look pretty warm in Jen's cuddle. 

Cherishing his numbered days as an only child...

Charlie & Aaron loved their bucket baths.

All in all, an awesome time of family & fun at the 4th!

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  1. Those pictures are adorable, I love the one of the Ensign family!