I've come to grips with the fact that I have an addictive personality. Before anyone thinks I'm being completely self-absorbed, let me clarify. I have a tendency to become easily addicted to things. Not so much cigarettes or alcohol (much to the government's dismay), but more like foods, music, certain clothes, etc.

Some recent obsessions:
-new Coldplay cd "Viva La Vida" - I usually listen to this in its entirety at least once during the workday, especially the title track and the song "Strawberry Swing." SO GOOD.
-Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch - YUM.
-Making earrings
-the color turquoise/aqua
-berry salads (not fruit salad, but leafy green salads with berries)
-"A Bird's Song" by Ingrid Michaelson
-daily crosswords in the newspaper
-Pickin' On Series - Pickin' on Jack Johnson. So mellow & sweet.
-fruity salsa. Right now we're enjoying peach mango. Delicious!

Yesterday morning Doug & I went to downtown Detroit to work on drywall for Peaches & Greens. There were only 4 people there, but we only had the bathroom area to finish, so it only took about an hour. I was the only girl, so there was lots of laughing about "Rachel the Riveter" and me being a farm girl. It just feels so good to be a part of something so much bigger than myself and contribute to meeting such a huge need in Detroit. Especially when I get to work with Doug. We both have a heart for Detroit - it'll be interesting to see how God uses us there.

And something kind of funny and cool at the same time - this morning I noticed the blister I got yesterday from the drill is in the shape of a heart.

I'd like to think that's at least slightly profound...


  1. Jake bought that same Cold Play album in New Mexico while we were on holidays, and I like it too. :)

    I have some giveaways going on over at the Cookie Jar if you'd like to enter! There's a year's magazine subscription up for grabs and some movie gift certificates.

  2. First time I've ever read a page from your blog Rach; I'd like to name the gnome - based on its war-torn-ness and apparent gunshot wound.....Doris.


  3. It is past Wednesday at midnight but I was at the fair so I'm hoping you'll count my vote!
    It looks like a boy (that looks like a girl) at the fair... Johnnybell Tubbywunkle is the final vote.
    Then again I do like Mibbiwinkle!

  4. No Java Chip?