ultimate betrayal

Dear Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez,

How could you? How could you? 

I thought we had a deal. You play for the Tigers, and I tout you as "My Tiger" and my favorite baseball player. But today, Pudge? Today that trust was shattered. You broke your end of the bargain.

And you didn't just drop the ball. You couldn't leave the Tigers for a respectable team - someone like Boston or even the White Sox. No, you committed the ultimate betrayal. The Benedict Arnold of baseball. A slap in the face. A knife to the back.

Today, Pudge, today you signed with the Great Satan of baseball. That's right - I refuse to even say their official name on my blog. You've gone from being my favorite baseball player to being a member of that team of which we do not speak. And after all we've been through!

Pudge, you were instrumental in the beginning stages of my relationship with Doug. You were there when I memorized the line up to impress him. You were there, catching at our first date. You were my first favorite baseball player. How could I resist your cute little cricket-like face? Not to mention your stats as a 14-time All Star catcher. Pudge, I even named a teddy bear after you! My first gift from Doug. 

Now all that's been thrown away. Did 4 1/2 years mean nothing to you? I defended you, Pudge, whenever your name came up during the great Jose Canseco scandal as a potential abuser. I turned the other cheek when people told me they heard you were actually a jerk in person. And what do I get in return? Abandonment. 

I know we'll both learn a lot from this. I know it's probably for the best. Hey, maybe I was beginning to get a little too dependent. Down the road I'll meet other baseball players that I grow to love, but you'll always have a special place in my heart.

I know I'll forgive you someday, Pudge, and I'll learn to love again, but right now... 

Right now all I feel is hurt.


RIP Pudge's Tiger Career 2004 - 2008


  1. Hey Rachel, so sorry that you couldn't enter my giveaway for the Canadian Living magazine. :(

    But there is the Fandango bucks.... (lolol)

  2. I thought he was going back to the Marlins after this season. Does this mean Inge is full time now? I'm so sorry...you must be devastated. You wanna egg his house?

  3. i was deeply uspet about pudge, too. poor pudge, i knew he would be leaving after this season, but during it? shocker!

  4. I thon't think it's his decision to leave. The management just dealt him to the YANKEES!