random things and CONTEST!

I got tagged by C.J. to do a post about 7 random things in my house. While I don't usually do the whole "tagging", I thought it would be a good way to give a little glimpse into our new place, since I haven't posted any pictures of it yet. So without further ado, 9 random things in our house/yard. 

Not very random, but this is our mailbox.

The room that we have made our office was supposed to be the master bedroom, so there is a funny little sink in the hallway.

In our bathroom, there is a laundry chute that goes into the hamper which is in the laundry room right next door.

The last people to live here left this cute little key holder. I'm actually in the process of painting this tonight. Maybe I'll post a picture of the finished product later...

My favorite part about our living room - the built in book shelf.

Birdhouse that I don't think has any birds living in it.

This might just look like a random patch in our yard, but this spot actually had strawberries while they were in season! I'm excited to expand upon that little garden next spring.

I LOVE Johnny Jump-Ups and was SO pleased to stumble across these.

This freaky little guy was also left as a little surprise for us! This was the very first thing I thought of when I saw the "random things around the house." 

Which gives me a good idea! 

What should we name this frightening little gnome? Winner gets... um... a free Good Apple ornament! Post a comment with your idea. Judging will be completely subjective, probably biased and whimsical. What else do people do when they have blog contests? Oh, voting closes... I guess when people stop commenting. I'll say voting closes Wednesday at midnight. So let's hear those names! :)


  1. Not very whimsical but I call him duncey. He instantly reminded me of a little boy from some old old show who always got put in the corner at school and had to wear the dunce hat. Lol

  2. your new apartment looks very cute!! i name the gnome (who looks like a girl gnome to me): dorkas or priscilla or daffney or quiff.

  3. you got this guy fo free?? score.
    very good options above. however i see mibbiwinkle the mill street gnome. mibs for short.

  4. Parpy... looks like me!

    Love you,


    P.S. See, I do read your blog some times.

  5. Rachel, I look at that gnome and I want to keep saying... "Hey Morton", or Mort for short! You could also switch it up a little and go with Merton and Mert.

    or... Dubin (Do-bin). Okay I will stop listing my choices now. I hope I don't get an automatic DQ for listing more than one name. But I think I read the rules pretty clearly, and I think I'm safe.

    Hope all is well friend!

  6. ouu...did i make it before the polls closed? i have three choices:
    1. cobbfoodle (cobbs for short)
    2. finwinkle (fin or finnie)
    3. zookmip (mips or zooks)
    i always shorten everyone's name...even gnomes. something i must always take into considersideration before naming one of my children. (sometimes, i even call mike "m", as if mike isn't short enough!)

  7. sorry for the spelling error above...trying to hurry as malacai is crying in his crib, lincoln is crying from "bonk-ed" his head on the table.

  8. 1. Ben
    2. Magglio
    3. Placido
    4. Earl
    5. Beezus

    I know you only asked for one...but thought I'd provide options.

  9. OOOOH! Ben is an awesome name for him too!

  10. That dwarf, I mean gnome, is awesome! Here are some entries in the gnome gnaming contest:
    1. Johnnybelle Tubbywunkle (entered with Emily)
    2. Tilly McFoozle
    3. Darcy Wakaluk

    Ha! The last name is a trick -- that's a NHL hockey player -- but it's a great gnome gname.