mastheads: may 08-july 08

Laugh all you want, I decided to do posts to remember the different mastheads that I come up with. Plus, who knows? I might even tell the story behind it.

April 2008: "Despite rampant illegal immigration and brown air, it's alright." 
This line was from an email that my dear friend Megan sent me, trying to persuade me to move to California.

May 2008: "More mundane drivel"
I read a criticism of Dooce, saying it was just mundane drivel, and I thought, considering how well she writes and how funny she is, I can't imagine what this person would think of my blog.

June 2008: "Changing jobs like underwear"
*Thanks to Alison for remembering!
Someone told me that I change jobs like they change underwear. I was offended when that person first said it, but then shrugged it off. Hey, if they want to change their underwear every 4 months or so, that's their choice.

July 2008: "Curiouser & curiouser..."
From Alice in Wonderland, which I find to be pretty much the scariest movie EVER. I'm trying to own my fears and overcome them. Not really - I just remembered that line and decided to use it.

August 2008: "Fitter, happier, more productive"
Radiohead. Enough said.


  1. not that i am stalking you, but i believe that may was "changing jobs like underwear" because you left vista (sniff sniff).

  2. I have to agree with you on the movie Alice in Wonderland, but Johnnybell Tubbywunkle! Come on!

  3. Found your site from dooce - just wanted to say hi.