road trip 2010, pt. 5

Friday morning we woke up and drove through the Custer State Wildlife Loop and then up the Needles Highway. I can't say much, other than "breathtaking" and "PRAIRIE DOGS" (new favorite animal??). See for yourself (& seriously, plan a trip so you can really see for yourself):

Hey, dirty. (Please note, this picture was taken from a safe distance, as we were amply warned: BUFFALO ARE DANGEROUS ANIMALS. DO NOT APPROACH. Relax, I was just hanging out a window. He was totally cool with it.)

Did someone say squinty-eyed photo shoot?!?!

Fact: Buffalo have black tongues.

No, he did not pose for this.
Yes, that is a giant buffalo turd behind him.

Maybe posed for this one.

You had to know this was coming:

PRAIRIE DOG! You should hear their cute little barks.

"Needle's Eye"

After driving around for a couple hours in the park, we headed back East. Doug took this picture while I was driving - looking back West.
Have I mentioned yet about how much of a saint my husband is? Because Doug drove pretty much the entire week. I drove maybe a total of 8 hours? On Friday, we started for home around 12pm (ET). Doug drove the whole morning in the park, and then he drove until we stopped for dinner at 6ish (ET). I drove from about 7 to midnight (first time in Iowa, whoo!), then Doug drove from midnight until 6am. I was feeling good around 6am, and we were in Michigan, so I thought, no sweat - I'll get us home. Yeah. Around 7:30am, I pulled over to avoid killing us because I was almost asleep. I planned on napping for half an hour and then driving home, but Doug woke up and was ready to go. We got home at 8:30 on Saturday morning. What a rock star!

In summation - it was an incredible trip! I wish we had been able to spend more time hiking & exploring & what not, but at least we got to see some amazing sights and spend time with my amazing brother!


  1. seems like a great trip. love the cowboy boots. you're cute.

  2. um, and i love that you pointed out the baby buffalo. also, i must hear the prairie dog bark.

  3. I love that you wore such an amazingly cute dress on your adventure. I totally would have been wearing gross sweatpants and equally gross, food-stained t-shirt. Great pics! Glad you guys had so much fun.

  4. Um, Pretty sure I want to go here! The tall pines with the snow did me in. Oh and maybe the huge poo.

  5. You take such beautiful pictures! Also, I think you are so adorable/beautiful with your cowboy boot/dress combo.

  6. ..great pics!
    ..lovely squinty-eyed photo shoot!
    ..i wanna go there!

  7. A couple of years ago I spend the summer as a chaperone for a field studies trip across the country and your photos have brought back such a serene sense of nostalgia. Thanks so much for both taking and posting these.

    One tiny, small detail that I feel compelled to share with you is that the buffalo that you are referring to are actually bison. I know, I know, I'm being a bit petty here, but I'd like to know :)

    Again, thank you for sharing your photographs. They are quite beautiful. You truly have a special gift.