Bann Clan in Cali: Day 3

Day 3 : Sunday, November 24th

We had a leisurely morning at the guest house, then made the FOUR HOUR drive to Santa Barbara.
My cousin Lyndsay works at Westmont College, so we wanted to visit!
Now, we could have gotten there in just over 3 hours, 
but we decided to try to take as much of Highway 1 as possible.

Soooo almost all of these are driving pictures.
When we got to Santa Barbara, I was so glad to be out of the car that I left my camera...
and hardly took any pictures with my phone. Sorry, friends.

 Sleepy babes.

 Highway 1.

 I think this is around Malibu.
I tried to say "I call it Mali-booya" as often as possible while we were driving through here.
Forgive the dirty car windows, but on a few occasions, we saw pelicans flying in lines.
 We took a couple pit stops just to take some pictures.
 My sweet sisters.
 Love these girls so much.

 This guy probably was the most cheerful for the duration of the drive!
One of the few pictures I took at Westmont.
Levi had flopped to the ground and Bo was trying to pick him up... and also hug him, I think.
I must say, Westmont is a beautiful campus, and what we saw of Santa Barbara, we loved.
I probably would have failed out of college if I attended in California.

Despite our brief time, we loved getting to see Andy and Lyndsay! 

Up next, Day 4... the San Diego Zoo!

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  1. haa - Mali-booya! and highway 1 has gotta be the best highway drive! teehee - levi & bo..."ughh..heavy"! :)