i'm annoyed; quick, someone affirm me.

Just logged into Yahoo, and saw this article about how to "avoid embarrassing your child on Facebook."

Some of their suggestions? "Don't pry. Don't get too personal. Don't assume your child can chat with you just because he's logged in. Never, ever reply to comments for your kids."



I'm trying to give "Tecca" (the author of the article) the benefit of the doubt, and hope that she's talking about children who are grown up, out of the house, with their own families.

Parents. As a teacher who interacts with teenagers daily (and, incidentally, as someone who has parents) - please, PLEASE pry into your children's lives! It's your responsibility to know what goes on in your children's lives!

I know, I'm so old-fashioned, and I'm totally repressing the freedom of teenagers across America. But having been a teenager, and being around teenagers all day everyday... they could use some more repression. Facebook stalk away, parents.


  1. Facebook? I'm moving my girls to a yurt in the wilderness when they become teens.

  2. stalk my kids? why, yes, thank you.

  3. where is the 'like' button?

  4. My parents were both incredibly involved.. and I LOVED it.. even in high school when my dad was the only father to go on all my field trips.. And, I think it's only fair to point out all my friends were notably jealous of how much my parents were involved.

    So... I am 110% for prying and being an "overly" involved parent.

    You are not crazy :)