best of: plymouth, mi

For the past 3 years, Doug & I have lived in Plymouth, MI. Although I've been growing increasingly annoyed with this little city, there are several things I do love about it. So, I thought I'd highlight those for anyone who reads this blog and finds themselves in Plymouth.

However, before I get to the goods, let me get my whining out of the way.

A quick Worst of Plymouth, MI:
-Potholes on Lilley
-Post Office
-Inflated real estate

And now I present...

Best of Plymouth, Michigan

Best Ice Cream: Dairy King
(Best flavor: Mackinac Island Peanut Butter Fudge in a sugar cone)

Best Bar&Grill: Hermann's
(Best app: potato skins)

Best Fresh Produce: Schmidt's Roadside
(Okay, technically this is in Canton, but it's right on the Plymouth-Canton border. It's a little slice of farm in the suburbs!)

Best 1st Apartment: 383 Starkweather Street

Best Wildlife Refuge: 537 Mill Street

Best Apartment in a Hair Salon: 308 Farmer Street
(See also Best Looking Couple, Best Home-Cooked Meal & Engaging Conversation, and Biggest Egos)

Best Nail Salon: Tic-Tac Nails
(Why they didn't call it Tic-Tac Toes I will never know...)

Best Subs: Joe's Deli

Best Soups: Dilly Dally Deli
(Best soups: Chicken Noodle and Chicken Tortilla)

Cutest Boutique: The Haven

Cutest Boutique with Outrageous Prices That I Can't Afford So I Never Actually Shop There: The Haven

Best Coffee Shop: The Coffee Bean

Best Ethnic Food: Zapata's

Best Downtown Event: toss up between the Ice Festival and Art in the Park

Best Eyebrow Wax: Christina at Salon International

Best Resident Famous Athlete: Chris Osgood

Best Dog: Obviously.

I'm sure there are more things that I should add, but that's it for now.


  1. We used to go to Tic Tac Nails all the time for pedicures! (my MIL and I) ...but you forgot to say best chinese. That's Szechuan on Ford Rd (though that's in Canton too actually)!! If you haven't tried it... pleeeease do. Hunan Spicy Beef in hotness C! Ohhhhhhhhh.

  2. mandi - we love szechuan! i just said to doug today, "you know what's awesome? our new house is closer to szechuan." i'll have to try the hunan spicy beef!

  3. Actually, the best Bar& Grill Is that 1900 something. The place where we had those loaded fries. I don't really remember the name of it, but they had good food there.
    Also the best memories: Going Boutiquing with mom em and Rachel of course.

  4. super cute idea, Rae! I enjoyed it!