real life conversations, pt. 10

Radvent Day 4: Forgiveness

Practice forgiving about small, everyday things. Who and what are you ready to let go of resentment toward?

Me: Who's someone that I need to forgive? Who am I harboring bitterness toward?
Doug: *someone that rubs me the wrong way* ?
Me: Hm, I don't think I need to forgive her. She just annoys me.
Doug: What about *someone who said something offensive to me* ?
Me: I don't harbor bitterness toward her. I don't really care about her.
Doug: Well. This was an awesome exercise.

Clearly I've got some work to do in this arena.

First of all - - I know that there are far more people that I should ask for forgiveness, so I'm not trying to be hypocritical in this entry. I have hurt many people in my life - if I haven't asked you for forgiveness and there's something I've done to hurt you, please talk to me about it.

I forgive my former student who told me I'm not a good teacher.
I forgive people who speak without thinking and hurt my feelings.
I forgive my three best friends from freshman year of high school who consistently left me out.
I forgive my best friend from college who stopped hanging out with me after she got a boyfriend.
I forgive Ashley from my kindergarten class for tattling on me for talking while Mrs. Burgio was on the phone and subsequently making me miss 10 minutes of recess.
I forgive the boy who criticized my physical appearance and caused me to be plagued by insecurities for years.
I forgive the man who told me I was laid off from my first teaching job.
I forgive Zooey for chewing up the little apple & peach that Jayne carved for me.


  1. Yes, you need to ask forgiveness for not coming to see me more often.

  2. I wouldn't forgive Zooey for that...Just sayin. :)