real life conversations

Doug: "Do you ever pick your nose?"

Me: "Umm, yes? Doesn't everyone?"

Doug: "I never see you pick your nose!"

Me: "Um, well, I usually do it in the bathroom instead of in front of people. I can let you know next time."


  1. you little fools. you and your boogers.

  2. Funny thing: Sarah and I had a similar conversation earlier this evening. Except, we were chatting on webcam and I guess I must have scratched my nose or something. To her, it constituted picking my nose.

    In response, I picked up a yellow highlighter and stuck it in my right nostril. And left it there.

    If you're going to pick your nose, go for the gold.

  3. Yeah everyone picks their noses...and who really showers anymore???


  4. ah, the booger conversation is a real milestone in a marraige! glad you made it!