catching them riding dirty

Last night, on the way home from work, I saw a car chase. This makes number 3 for me.

Car Chase #1: Occurred in old Kent, NY. It was pretty exciting, just because it was the first car chase I'd ever seen in real life, and let's be honest - it was in KENT.

Car Chase #2: This is the best to date. I was driving either to or from home during college with a fellow New Yorker when suddenly, a car went zooming past us, with cop in hot pursuit. We watched in amazement as the car swerved off the highway and plummeted down a hill. Unfortunately, that was all we were able to see.

Car Chase #3: Last night. It was pretty mediocre. First of all, it was around 4:30pm, in broad daylight. Second, it was on Hines Drive. Third, it was happening at about 45 mph. Snore. I heard the siren approaching, saw the car and the flashing lights coming toward me, and I realized, "Oh hey, that guy's not pulling over!" I watched in my rearview mirror as the car took a quick turn off Hines Drive, followed immediately by the cop, and he kept going until he was out of sight. The teenage boys in the Jeep ahead of me were elated - they turned around and went back in the opposite direction, presumably to follow and hope to see the end result of the pursuit.

I have no desire to watch car chases on television, but if I see one in real life, it's pretty awesome, in my opinion.

Rachel's Tips for Seeing Car Chases:
1. Don't look for them - let them find you.
2. Drive around Detroit as often as possible... or Kent, NY.

That's about it.


  1. The best-est chase I've seen was via satellite - I worked at a TV station.

    Half-dozen or so police cars chasing a Winnebago around in the California desert. It was mesmerizing as the Winnebago appeared on the verge of tipping over several times.

    Like your blog, BTW!

  2. justin was once in the middle of a car chase, only he doesn't remember it!! we lived in florida. he had to drive up onto someone's lawn to get out of the way of the nut. florida is chock full of these crazy happenings!!! and i don't know why i am the only one who remembers this. we were just talking about it recently and mar & just were like, um, yea it sounds familiar. yea, i have a retarded memory...i remember other people's memories.