ADK 2014

The Adirondacks. One of my favorite places to be!
I forgot my camera, so these pictures are all from my phone.

This was our 3rd annual trip with Jeremy & Victoria & their kiddos.
We had fun thinking back on how our families have changed from trip to trip.

The first time we all went together, we camped at Heart Lake.
Colden was 2, Victoria was pregnant, and Doug & I were waiting to bring Bo home.

The second time we went, we stayed at the beautiful Grouse Patch.
Colden was 3, Kade was 8 months old, and Bo was 1.

This time, we stayed at this sweet cabin, Old Eb.
Colden is 4, Bo is 2, Kade is 1, and I'm pregnant.
It's fun to wonder what next year's trip will bring!
The weather was beautiful for us during our week-long stay.
We enjoyed a lot of swimming in the Ausable River.
I'm happy to share that Bo was much more excited about the water this year.
Almost every time he was in the water, he told us that he was going to swim,
"all the way to Grampa & Gramma's house."
And of course, multiple trips to Stewart's must happen when you're on the east side of the state.
Seriously. Their ice cream "Happy Camper"?!
We drove by this crazy "monument" noting the water line due to Hurricane Irene.
It's also become one of our traditions to grab lunch at 46 Sandwiches and eat by Mirror Lake.
This year, we were surprised to see the old gazebo has been replaced by a little amphitheater. 
While we waited out the only rain to interrupt our plans, 
we documented Bo & Colden's matching hiking shoes.
This was our 7-year anniversary picture:
And of course, V & I had to capture our coordinating plaids.
An abundance of s'mores were enjoyed...
and massive marshmallows consumed.
One morning, Doug & Jeremy left our cabin in the middle of the night to go hike Mt. Colden.
Doug texted me this picture from the summit - they got there right as the sun was coming up!
(This peak marks the halfway point for Doug - 23 out of 46!)
As we waited for the big boys to descend and arrive home, 
Victoria & I did a little hike of our own with the little boys.
I had Bo stop and pose by the entrance to our cabin:
He was a very slow little hiker that morning - 
taking his time to look all around and enjoy nature!
Another day we drove over to Marcy Field...
where we ran around...
and flew Colden's kite...
and played with trucks in the rocks...
and enjoyed a picnic lunch.
Such an incredible backdrop to our little lunch!
Both Victoria & I really wanted to get some family pictures,
so we coerced the boys into venturing out after dinner one night. :)
Victoria snapped this photo on Doug's phone:
Jeremy took a lot of pictures with his camera too, and I can't wait to see how those turned out!
On our last full day in the 'Dacks, we did a family hike of Cobble Hill.
Here we are enjoying a little snack atop the summit.
And here's me, Bo & baby with amazing views of high peaks in the background.
I'm so thankful that we were able to take a vacation with some of our best friends.
Love this place and can't wait to plan our next trip.


  1. Looks like an incredible week!

    1. Thanks Sara! We had a great time. :)

  2. Gosh, your phone takes awesome pictures! What a beautiful place and lovely family :)

    1. Thanks Kelly! I agree about the phone camera - it's made me lazy with picture-taking!

  3. Oh ADKS...you're perfect! Your trips always look so fun! And I absolutely love that family photo!!