Bo has a little elephant bank, and whenever I find spare change around the house,
I help him put it in his bank, and often tell him it'll help "save for college".
This morning, I had a few coins, so we got his bank, and while he was dropping the coins in,
he commented, "This is savin' for college."
The little village near us is called "Brockport". 
Whenever Bo is with me and we drive downtown, he always announces:
"This is Bockpork!"
At some point, when we started seeing motorcycles on the road this spring,
I must have commented about a speedy cyclist who needed to slow down.
Now, whenever Bo sees motorcycles, he says, "Motorcycle makin' baaad choices!"
When I need to tell Bo not to scream, he often replies,
"Or there be consa-kences."
When Bo asks for something and we don't immediately acquiesce,
he'll often say, "Oh be patient! Ask nicely!"
Emily was over recently, helping us move around some furniture in preparation for painting.
We were trying to get a rug out of a room, and she lifted one end of our extremely heavy elliptical. 
I exclaimed, "Wow, Em! You're such a beast!" - and Bo immediately piped up, "You're such a beast!"
Now, he uses it as his own compliment. 
The other day I was weeding and struggled with a tough one, finally yanking it with an "umph!"
Bo looked at me and said, "Good helpin', Mommy. You such a beast!"


  1. Yes....I do love these....

  2. These are hilarious! I think my favorite is the last one :)

  3. Ha! Aubrey also gets super excited about saving money for college!

  4. haa! these are the BEST!