a floral baby shower

My sweet sister-in-law, Bailey, is expecting a little girl in just about a month.
We wanted the shower to be really girly, so we went with a floral theme.
This spring wasn't really cooperating with our plans, 
but thankfully my aunt has a remarkable green thumb 
(we joked that her house is essentially a greenhouse), 
so flowers were not in short supply! 

Thank you so much to Manda, Caitlin & Victoria with your planning help,
Aunt Lynnie for hosting, and all the family members who contributed delicious treats.

I feel so blessed to be part of a family who loves celebrating life together -
we are so happy to call Bailey family now as well,
and we're overjoyed to welcome another little family member in June!!

All pictures property of The Merrythought.
More pictures & details on their site!

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