Bann Clan in Cali: Day 2

Day 2: Saturday, November 23

Hey, guess who doesn't care about time zones?
Good morning from our gorgeous guest house!
A couple hours later, we're all dressed & ready for the day.
The path from the guest house past the pool to the mini guest house to the road.
Somewhere along the drive from Fallbrook to San Diego.
San Diego.
"The Kiss Statue" and my parents kissing.
USS Midway
You guessed it, Broadway Pier.
The fam, chilling on the pier.
I spy Dad.
We like big boats, and we cannot lie.
Meow. Dare I say these pants look purrfect?
For you, Em.
Just making our son walk the plank.
Most likely yelling "JUMP!"
Some hot tourists.
Bonsa was very excited when this local musician played Mumford & Sons for him.
Dancing with his aunts... slash, making them swing him.
While waiting for Mom & Ethan to pick up Robert & Bailey at the airport,
I took a picture of a moth on a flower.
And this flowering vine.
We also found some unique statues in Balboa Park.
And this really cute plaza.
Where grouchy old ladies yelled at young kids on bikes.
"What is she, the police?" - Dad
After lunch at the Village Grille in Balboa Park, we went back to La Jolla.
The newest Mr. & Mrs. Bannister!
Playing on the beach with Uncle Rob. 
Everytime I see this, I just laugh at how straight Bo's legs are and his pointed toes.
Family fun on the beach.
Mommy & Bo time.
Running on the beach.
Playing with my little love in the Pacific. Doesn't get much better.
Back to Torrey Pines. Got to see some hang-gliding!
This is Bo yelling, "Hey guys!" to the hang-gliders.
Possibly pointing at the crazy hang-glider that we thought was going to crash.
Side note: May I brag? My son's skin looks AMAZING in sunset lighting.
Like I just want to gobble his cheeks.
Love this.
Staying out as long as possible...
Last speck of sun on the horizon.

Day 3 coming soon: driving along Highway 1 to Santa Barbara!


  1. Love all your pictures Rachel!! California is so amazing! Can't wait to see your Santa Barbara pics :) And I agree, sunset lighting on Bo is perfection!

  2. How did I miss the Hunger Games-inspired pants (Cat-knees)??

  3. i just love seeing all your photos - the whole fam together! it was so perfect to be there, wasn't it?