Bann Clan in Cali: Day 4

Day 4 : Monday, November 25

Just some flowering plants around the guest house.
 Just an ENORMOUS SPIDER around the guest house.
I think Bailey picked this lemon... and Bo stole it.
Really intent on balancing it on his head.
That didn't work... maybe I should bite it.
Sharing lemon kisses with Uncle Rob.
Kumquat .
To the zoo!
Flamingos are funny.
Looking for "big keke". 
Aaand it wasn't too long before Bo decided to enjoy a different aspect of the zoo:
Meanwhile, this guy... yikes.
Air tram. We didn't have the opportunity to ride it...
I wish this was a video. What's happening here: zoo sounds, of course.
Grizzly. We made a lot of Anchorman references here.
Oh, just out walking A CHEETAH.
Stole this picture from my mom... probably the highlight of the zoo trip for me:
watching this zebra do her little performance.
After the zoo, we decided to drive to Mt. Soledad to watch the sunset.
We stopped along the way to trespass through this house that was being built...
This will be their pool. Peasants.
Mt. Soledad
Part of the gorgeous 360 degree view.
Bo made a friend. And tried to take her leash and walk her.
Our little fam. And some awesome fly-away hair.
Yet another gorgeous sunset.

Final installment next: Day 5, Point Loma.

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