daddy's helper + thanksgiving

We had an amazing vacation in California with my family, and pictures will be forthcoming, 
but sorting through over 1400 pictures is a little daunting for the time being. 
So here are some pictures of Bo "helping" Doug shovel the walkway... 
with his broken sand shovel.

And here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving celebration. 
Pretty impressed with what we all threw together, 
having gotten home from CA at 7:30pm the night before.

This is Bo's "be patient" expression:
Patience is wearing off...
Ahhh, mashed potatoes.
And dessert was enjoyed by all.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Happy Christmas season!


  1. What sweet photos! Also, that last pic of Bo helping shovel the snow?? LOL. That kid. :)

    1. Thanks, P! Haha - yes, his "help" was scooping snow and throwing it in the air/his face.

  2. so impressed by your last minute thanksgiving meal! (and i need to come see your house!!)