if we had coffee

A couple blogs that I read have a series they call "If We Had Coffee"
in which they just "chat" on their blog. 
I love the idea & so I'm stealing it for this post.

If we had coffee...
... I'd have hot chocolate. Because I don't really like coffee.
Unless we're meeting at Starbucks. There's lots of sugary drinks I like there.

... I'd have to get up from our chat often to intervene in my son's adventures.
Like trying to tip over one of our lamps, which seems to be his most recent fascination.

... I'd tell you a lot of annoying mom stories about Bo.
How he's accomplishing new things almost daily. And learning so much.

... I'd tell you that I'm also learning so much in this season of life.
The heartache of seeing my father in pain and the overwhelming joy of seeing my boy grow.
It's a strange place to be in.

... I'd tell you that I'm kind of struggling right now.
I'm holding onto a lot of anger. 
At people who deserve it and people who don't.
People who make assumptions about me when they hardly know me.
People who haven't reached out to offer support when I thought they would.
People that I'm wrongly making assumptions about.

... I'd have to yell at my dog a couple times.
Because she feels the need to bark at ev.er.y.thing.

... I'd try to make sure we had cookies to eat with coffee/hot cocoa.
Because I have an unabashed sweet tooth. 
And I believe in sharing tasty treats with people you love.

... I hope you'd feel comfortable enough to share your triumphs and tears.
Because I love to listen to the stories of others.

... I'd probably make a joke about something and later overanalyze its reception.
And worry that I should have said something differently.

... And when our coffee date was over, I'd try to get you to take some cookies with you.
Because I've already eaten too many, in all honesty.


  1. I like this...and that mug :) now I can't stop singing that psalm


    1. Haha thanks! Bo is going through a phase where he yells whenever I buckle his seatbelt, so I randomly started singing it to him while I'm buckling him in - and so far, it's working!

  2. I love reading your blog! In our fake chat time I'm bringing along hot chocolate and tons of chocolate for us.:) I am a crazy chocoholic and love sweets. Thanks for allowing me to read your blog!

    1. Thanks, Kortny! Always glad to meet another chocolate lover. :)
      Browsed through your blog a little and saw that you are waiting to bring your son home - I pray that the process will speed along for you guys!

  3. I wish we could be friends in real life. Ha! Maybe we'll move to Michigan. Grand Rapids is slightly closer to you... :)

    Thank you for being honest in your writing. I, too, analyze how people respond to my jokes. Good to know I'm not alone.

    1. Yes! GR is only 2-2.5 hrs away!
      I can't tell you how many times I've had to put my foot in my mouth for joking about something inappropriately... argh.

  4. I would have coffee with you any.day.any.time!
    And I'd tell you lots of (fascinating, really) stories about MY boys and I would revel in yours.
    And I would tell you it's okay to struggle and it's a hard place to be and that life is hard and God is good, even when it doesn't feel like it.
    And that I'm struggling too, with Scott traveling and being a single parent to three busy boys and learning to reset my life to a different rhythm and not resent it every minute, to live rather than survive.... Whew!
    And I would take your extra cookies (for the boys), but then I would eat them for breakfast! : )
    We've gotta do this again sometime soon!

    1. Ah Beth. We need to have coffee FOR REAL sometime soon!
      Thanks for your words of encouragement. :)

  5. I think WE should have coffee! For real! :) I'd love to chat with you and Bo. Or we could do dinner with the boys! Allan & Doug could catch up too.

  6. this post made me cry.
    i'm not sure why, except that i've been struggling for a while now and i'm tired of it and don't wish it on anyone. this broken world can be so hard.
    saying a prayer for you this morning.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, Sybille. But yes - God is good and He is faithful! Praying for you as well.

  7. Ah - I love this! Glad you stole this to do on your blog. If we could have a coffee date, I'd make you some hot chocolate, I found a fantastic recipe! And I'd bring you loads of cookies - cause you never get to try my treats, only see photos of them (and that's just not cool!). Your mom stories about Bo wouldn't be annoying at all - I'd be grateful to hear them in person and see him in person! I'd hug you so hard for your heartache over your dad's pain, because there's just no words to express the sorrow. And I'd laugh at your jokes and admire your strength at being able to find joy in the times of heartache and struggle. And I would leave all the cookies with you...because I love you & your sweet tooth!

    1. yes please! :) sounds delightful.

  8. Caught a glimpse of Bo in a cloth dipe. Are you going to blog about that?!

    1. ha! we started off doing clothe diapers, but i have NOT kept up with it.
      every once in a great while i'll put him in one, but it just hasn't worked for us - i think i was traumatized by his poop attacks the first few weeks he was home!

  9. Love this post idea; I want to have coffee (cocoa) with you :)))))))

    Love you.

    Love that mug, too ;)

    1. love you too :)
      i want peanut butter hot chocolate with you!

  10. How did I miss this post?!?! Um, I love it. You have a beautiful heart. Beth, Manda, Rach - we obviously need a heart to heart cousin coffee date. I'd tell you all how I love my boys so much it hurts but I struggle with my patience. I'd talk about my transition back to work and ask for your prayers and support. We could joke and cry and laugh and chat with no judgement. xoxo.

    1. YES! remember "secret cousin teas"?????
      we bannister babes need to start that back up again!

  11. Thanks for being real. I wish I was there to have the coffee/treat date with you. Somehow how you wrote this post reminded me of "If you give a mouse a cookie"