fast & easy dessert croissant

You guys.
I know I probably didn't invent this, but let's pretend I did.
Because I just whipped this up in the kitchen.
Easiest dessert ever.
Fast & East Dessert Croissant
Approximate Ingredients:
2 T cream cheese
1-2 T confectioners sugar
small handful of frozen berries of your choice (I used blueberries & raspberries)
1 pkg crescent rolls
few drops of water
1. Mix room temp cream cheese with about a tbsp of sugar,
depending on how sweet you like your desserts.
2. Unroll crescent rolls, separate and place on baking sheet.
3. Put a dollop of cream cheese on each crescent roll.
4. Sprinkle a few berries on each.
5. Wrap crescent rolls around cream cheese & berries.
Try to make yours cuter than my sloppy ones below.
6. Bake according to package directions - mine was 375 for 11-13 mins.
7. While baking, make a thin frosting by mixing confectioners sugar with a little water.
This is really approximate - just dribble a little water into some conf sugar
until it reaches a consistency you're okay with.
Yep, high quality culinary instructions here.
8. When crescent rolls are done, remove and brush some of water/sugar mixture over them.
These would be great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.


  1. yum i think these would a great weekend breakfast!

  2. yum & yes. with coffee, please!

  3. ^^ yes. i like the way you both think.