recently we're

Bingeing on Watching: 
Parenthood! All the seasons are on Netflix and we just finished Season 1. 
This show has awesome character development and - for the most part - 
deals with realistic family issues. Pretty great.

Listening to
Bowerbirds, specifically "In the Yard" and "Stitch the Hem". 
Also playing "Cornerstone" by Hillsong on repeat these days.

Entertained by: 
Bo's latest "game" = letting go of the wall and flopping into -hopefully- waiting arms... 
Here's us playing this morning...
[Please excuse my weird mommy voice...]

Excited about
Our upcoming trip to Chicago to see these cool kids.

Less pumped and a little embarrassed about:
We've also been doing ... Insanity.
And I hate every second of it. 
But I guess with all the ice cream I eat, I'd better not complain.

The snow.
Now that my parents aren't driving back & forth to Roswell every day
I feel like it's okay to appreciate the snow.

Slacking on:
Cleaning. Baking. Eh.

Doug & I decided to try to memorize some of the Westminster Catechism...
(Woo hoo - busting out my inner Presbyterian nerd!)
Tim Keller (& the Gospel Coalition) have developed the New City Catechism
which kind of condenses the Westminster & Heidelberg Catechisms.
We just started going through this last night, so we're pretty pumped.


  1. ah! SUCH a cute video! also - Parenthood. that is quite possibly our favorite show - and for the same reasons you mentioned above! our only complaint is the seasons always seem to end so early compared to other shows on at the same time.

    1. haha thanks!
      we haven't ever watched it on tv - but that's frustrating!

  2. Appreciate your consideration of our daily trek to Roswell. Now that we're done, I've enjoyed the beautiful snow we've had here in Point Breeze.

    1. One might say, now that you're done, that snow looks goooood.

  3. 1. Cannot wait until you visit
    2. The video is adorable. Bo will probably be walking net time I see him. I better baby proof better!
    3. When's the wedding? Fun that it's in Cali
    4. Parenthood is good but getting dramatic for my liking :). And Adam'sfamiky, they all talk at the same time and I want to kill them. But I watch it ever week so obviously I'm not that annoyed :)

    1. 1. agreed
      2. we are in so much trouble
      3. nov 24!
      4. agreed. and there are some parenting choices that drive me NUTS... but we're still addicted!

  4. Kara has watched Bo's video 5 times now... she is infatuated. "more bo please"

    1. well, she obviously has good taste! ;)

  5. 1. i have tried to like Parenthood. i think i am too old.
    2. it's a good thing for you that you updated. i was getting close to leaving you a nasty comment. way too much time between posts.

    1. Ha! Sybille I can't imagine you leaving a nasty comment! We started watching Parenthood because we were told that someone adopts a baby from Ethiopia.

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