good [internet] reads

"The Truth About Adoption: One Year Later" - Jen Hatmaker

  • In adoption, it takes time for everyone to fall in love.
"The Ugly, Beautiful Truth" - ni hao y'all

  • Children who have been abandoned have already lost so much. A family. A history. An integral sense of who they are.
"10 Do's and Don'ts for Transracially Adoptive Parents" - love isn't enough

  • But, of course, these will not just be useful for raising transracially adopted children.

"When You Realize You're Living in a Bubble" - Michael Hyatt

  • There are more honest smiles among the poor of Ethiopia than the shopping malls of America.

"How to Be a Better Twentysomething" - via Relevant Magazine

  • I wish you would talk to me without checking your phone.

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  1. i love the first blog --- especially what is accomplished in the waiting. oh, it didn't take me 4-6 weeks to say (outloud) "what have we done???" i said it at the end of the first 24 hours together while still in russia. the depth of love God grew in my heart for these amazing little girls is impossible to describe. i guess, it's just a smidgen of what He feels for us, His adopted and cherished and precious children. he.is.incredible.