I got to hang out with all of my siblings for a fleeting moment this past week.

A little back story about how that miracle occurred...

On the way back to Rochester from the Adirondacks, our car decided to die. 
We were about 20 minutes from Jer & V's house. 
Jeremy had been driving & all the sudden he couldn't accelerate anymore. 
We coasted off the next exit and into the parking lot of a Catholic school.
Well, we almost made the driveway. We had to push a little ways .
(As half a dozen vehicles just cruised by - thanks guys.)
Jeremy's brother came & took them home, while Doug & I waited for AAA to arrive "in 45 minutes". 
Well, 45 minutes came & went. 
AAA called to say that they had no idea when the tow truck could get there. 
Jer came and picked us up 
and we had amazing Mark's pizza at their house while we waited for another call from AAA. 
After awhile, Doug ended up calling AAA to tell them to just pick up the car whenever they could.
He had a meeting the next morning that he had to get back for.
So Ethan picked us up from Victoria & Jeremy's.
Then we borrowed Gram's car to get back to Michigan (at 4 in the morning).

Long story short - transmission's dead.
Our car was scarcely worth more than the cost of the transmission.
Thankfully, Doug was able to find someone to buy our crappy vehicle.
And I drove back to NY to return Gram's car.

It just so happened to be Fair Week, and Robert & Bailey were in NY for a few days. 
So we had one night at the Orleans County Fair to hang out and spend a little time together. 
It's been almost a year since we've all been together &
It makes my heart hurt to think about how long it might be until this happens again.
Ethan drove me back to Michigan (&borrowed my sunglasses) & stayed overnight with us.
So blessed to have such an incredible family.


  1. tis the best to be with all your siblings. ET's the best for driving you home!! I told him that he got voted best grandson cause he's always driving Gram home - now he gets best brother for driving you home... ;)

    1. Haha - I know! Ethan loves to be Gram's personal chauffeur... ha!