one week, and a rather alarming stream of consciousness.

In one week I will be holding my son.

You guys, I really feel like I'm doing the internet a disservice by withholding pictures. 
The eyes. The lashes. The cheeks. The crazy hair.
I'm obsessed.

But ya'll will just have to wait. 
But seriously... he's probably the cutest thing you'll ever see. EVER. Just saying.

We leave for Chicago TOMORROW.
Where we'll be staying with the incredible VanWinks.
And then we fly out SATURDAY.
(That's in TWO DAYS, people.)

I'm  having a difficult time focusing on ... well, anything. 
It's kinda pathetic - like, I'll be in the middle of packing and just start giggling in excitement.
All by myself. No, it's cool.

For example, yesterday I packed a little blanket that we're going to take.
And I had to just laugh because aren't baby blankets so cute and can you even imagine him in this?

His room is all primed, waiting to be painted. 
His changing table is set up.
I have the fabric for curtains, waiting to be made.
And I got a cute little ottoman! I don't have a rocker, but we have an ottoman.

Some people have asked if we'll be doing updates while we're in Ethiopia.
Our guest house should have internet, but I'm not sure how much updating we'll do.
Maybe an FB status or two. Probably no blogging.
We get into Ethiopia late Sunday night (after over 24 hours of traveling... yay).
Then Monday-Wednesday, we'll be hanging out in Addis, getting to know the city! 
Thursday we meet B.
(heart palpitations)
Friday we have court.
Saturday we'll just hang out again.
Sunday we fly back home, and we arrive back in Chicago Monday afternoon.

Okay, I have to go do more packing and keep myself busy.



  1. Crazy excited for you!! I can only imagine all the emotions you experience in a day! Can't wait to read updates and hopefully see pictures soon :) We'll be praying for you!

  2. This is so awesome Rachel! Our Prayers are with you for a safe glitch free journey. Can not wait to see the cheeks, the eyes and the wild hair!

  3. oh. my. stars. listen: you tell me EVERYTHING IN PERSON when i see you shortly. *GASP* i cannot believe how sooooooooon. wear your ethiopia necklace. i'm wearing mine. i love you. and baby b.

  4. We are beyond thrilled!!! What an enormous blessing awaits you in Ethiopia. I am very anxious to hear your stories. We are praying! I love that his room is coming together. *big sigh*. GIDDY!!! Love, love, love, deb

  5. i'm so very excited for you both and can't wait to see. :) woot.... love you both <3