10 on 10 : April

Friends. I failed at 10-on-10 today. I didn't remember until 9:53, when I was on my way to school to help paint the set for our school musical. Then I just couldn't keep up throughout the day.

10am: treats for kiddos who came early to help paint
11am: painting set
1pm: the binder that rules my life right now.
5pm: post-practice chocolate.
8pm: shopping. I texted Patti around the same time the last picture was taken and said, 
"Can we please bake/eat something bad for us tonight?"
9pm: YES WE CAN.
9pm, pt. 2: sevenish-layer bars. HEAVENLY.

That's all she wrote, folks.

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  1. i didn't remember until i saw one of your pics on insta. then i was going to jump in late but then i just felt blah all day and couldn't muster up the energy to do it. :( maybe we should start a 12 on 12 or something for us late-bees.

    1. i like it. or a 3 on 3?

    2. yes, less photos = less pressure...hahah, maybe 5 on 5? :o)

  2. Set painting is a lot of work!! I've never heard of Timbits before, but my kids would love them just from the package!

    1. Timbits are donut holes from Tim Horton's... you must go get them immediately.