recently i'm... (21)

Excited About: Our home study!! We were accepted to our agency & have our 1st two home studies scheduled! Hooray! (Lots of exclamation points!)

Also Excited About: (More exclamation points ahead!!) Mom & Jayne coming to visit this weekend!!!

NOT Looking Forward To: Parent-Teacher conferences tomorrow. Ugh.

Sewing: My friend Lindsay ordered three outfits for a baby shower - one more to go! (Pictures will be coming... sometime...)

Reading: Still working through Orphanology, and also working through The Connected Child. Loving both of them.

Overwhelmed By: the generosity of friends, family and people I don't even know. We have received so many great donations for the adoption auction - you are all seriously AWESOME. I'm so humbled and so, so grateful... So be sure to spread the word! There are some sweet products that you will NOT want to miss!

Enjoying: Mornings of "daylight savings time". People. This week it hasn't been pitch black when I leave my house in the morning! Granted, it's darker in the evenings, but mornings are so much easier when it's light out!

Cooking: Quick, awesome story. While Victoria & Jeremy were here, I made Pumpkin Spice Pancakes (ala - who else - Annie). They were delectable. Monday night I told Doug that I was going to make them for dinner on Tuesday (yesterday). True story: Victoria texted me last night to say that she was making them for dinner. We did not plan it. We are the same person. Another true story: I will be making them for breakfast on Saturday. I want one right now just thinking about them.

Listening To: Coldplay's newest album, Mylo Xyloto. My favorite song (for now) is "Charlie Brown".

Doing A Lot Of: Sewing, soliciting, cleaning, grading.

Slacking On: Taking pictures (but I will do ten-on-ten tomorrow!). Working out. I don't even want to talk about it.

Needing: To get my bangs trimmed... badly.

Headed out: To dinner at Zac & Patti's!


  1. so amazing that we made the pancakes on the same night. they are soooo delicious!!! will be making them again soon for sure!

  2. totally just pinned those pancakes. pretty sure i need pumpkin pancakes for supper!