adoption auction!

Friends & Family -
We are so excited to announce our newest fundraiser!

Coming in DECEMBER -

an online adoption auction
to help bring our babe home!

We have already secured some awesome donations,
but we are asking for YOUR help to make this a success!

Do you sew? Crochet? Knit? Paint? Make jewelry?
Do you have a service you'd like to donate?
(photography, babysitting, baking, etc)
Do you own a business that sells exciting products?
Do you sell Pampered Chef? Lia Sophia? Mary Kay?

OR - do you know of someone who does?

If so, please leave a comment with your email address,
or email me at rachel.parton@gmail.com.

Please feel free to pass along information about our auction
and my contact information to anyone you think might be interested!
We'd love to advertise your shop or Etsy store!

Stay tuned for more details and sneak peeks of some of our fantastic items.

A huge thank-you to Emily & Jim for the adoption auction idea
and for all their support in our adoption journey!


  1. Hey Rachel, Troy and I want to help... Would you be interested in a couple dozen cupcakes, cookies, scones, or other delicious baked good for your auction? Trying to figure out what skills I have to offer...

  2. Thanks, Maria & Victoria! Sending emails your way.

  3. I tried e-mailing you and it failed. I'd love to help! My e-mail is stephanie.koshay@gmail.com.

  4. taking pictures of some stuff today hopefully. i didn't forget!