6 on 10?

I've been wanting to do the 10-on-10 photo thingy for months. MONTHS. And every time I forget! So I just saw Manda's post and realized, yet again, I'd forgotten to take a picture each hour! Thankfully, I took a few pictures throughout the day anyway, though! Even though 3 of these are technically the same thing... I present you with my 6-on-10. Dang it.

[1] [2]
[3] [4]
[5] [6]

[1] Newborn onesie for Jeanette's shower today.
[2] Ruffle butt of the same onesie.
[3] All wrapped up & ready to go.
[4] On the way home from the shower - gorgeous drive!
[5] Stopped by the side of the road to pick a little bouquet.
[6] Dinner time.

Maybe I'll remember on October 10th... someone should probably remind me.

p.s. check out my most recent senior session here.


  1. today is 9.10.11. cool.

  2. {today would have been an amazing day to get married - or have a baby: 9.10.11}
    maybe you should set an alert on your cell phone on the 9th? i'm not even sure what made me think of it this morning...
    you sewed a ruffle butt onesie?! amazing! where is your etsy shop?!
    i love that cloud. and your perfect looking hot dog.

  3. ok. listen. i saw your post title and what like, "what?!!?!?" i, too, could NOT believe that i missed it AGAIN. uggggghhh. 10.10.11 is all us!!! let's keep reminding each other.

    ADD...do i recognize the fabric on that ruffle butt as one of my old skirts???

  4. i LOVE me some ruffle butts. so cute. i didn't remember until halfway thru the day, so i squeezed some of my 'hours'. ;)

  5. I LOVE this idea, and I am totally stealing it. I'm jumping on the 10.10.11 bandwagon!